My Wedding Doesn’t Have To Be A No Fun Zone

My Wedding Doesn’t Have To Be A No Fun Zone

When I of wedding there’s one issue I have with them and this is one of the primary reasons I was so resistant to getting married to begin with. When I think of a wedding I think of something very formal. I have to get all dressed up, do my hair all fancy and make sure that I’m wearing the appropriate jewelry and makeup. I have to be properly fitted and everyone around me has to be very formal as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. It’s a wedding. It’s supposed to be formal, but does it have to be this way. Why can’t a wedding go outside of convention and be something other than formal? If you ask me I believe this is one of the primary reasons why people seem to be so resistant to coming to weddings. It takes so much energy in order to get yourself prepared just to attend.

So what if we decided to eliminate this? As a women I don’t want people to look at my wedding as something formal, almost similar to a funeral, but with a more pleasant aspect. No, I want people to look at my wedding as being something fun. I want people to view my wedding as a fun party.

A fun party is what I want them to experience it as because this is what will make it memorable in our eyes.

So the question becomes how do we go about making our wedding into more of a fun party rather than something formal? Well one thing we decided to focus on is what we would require people to wear when they came. Formal outfits weren’t required. We didn’t need things to be stuffy. Second, we wanted to make sure that the actual wedding itself had a relaxed joking manner to it.

Next, we wanted to make our wedding geared towards our friends so that they could feel as included as possible. The point is, we wanted a fun party, a celebration and we didn’t want to have to wait until the reception for things to get kicked off. We looked at different ideas. Maybe we could decide to do something like dancing down the aisle. I remember seeing one couple do this and it was a riot for sure. It actually made the news.

What if we decided to skip down the aisle or what if we decided to wear something representing our favorite sports teams on our outfits? We could joke and walk down the aisle in golden handcuffs, but this might backfire on us. I remember one of my gal pals who said she wanted to dress up in costume for her wedding and expected her fiancée to dress as the counter to whatever it was she had on. All of this sounds very fun indeed.

While me and my fiancée still haven’t really decided what we can do in order to make our wedding have more of a fun party vibe, we believe that looking at it as such is a good way to go. Years down the road when we look back on our wedding we want to see it as something we’re willing to do again (renewing vows) versus something that’s so energetically draining we wouldn’t care to do it again.

If we can create a fun party vibe, then our wedding will go down as an event that people will brag about having gone to, not something they want to forget about. After all a wedding is supposed to be a fun day, and if this means taking out a lot of the formal elements of it in order to create this feeling then so be it.