Picky Eaters At Your Wedding Reception

Picky Eaters At Your Wedding Reception

What do you do when you’re having a wedding, but you’re unsure of what food is going to be appropriate for the guests there? The reason why we ask this is because one of the biggest dilemmas facing people putting together a wedding is what food to include.

Well you want something tasty of course, something healthy and aesthetically pleasing. You want food that’s going to provide energy, but at the same time not cost too much in order to supply everyone with enough to get good and full.

The reason why this can be so tough is because different people have different tastes. And it doesn’t even have to be just this. You can just have several guests that make it a mission to be food snobs or what we call picky eaters. Picky eaters can be the worse, because usually they aren’t afraid to let it be known how they feel about the food they’re eating.

It might not seem like it, but a picky eater can really put a damper on a wedding reception. They can impact the minds of other guests, especially if their energy is strong enough. So you need to get it under control as best as you can. There are several ways this can be done.

Make sure you know who the picky eaters are

It can be hard to know who the picky eaters are, because you may be in the unique position of never having eaten with the bulk of guests who will be attending your wedding. So in this case it’s certainly going to be hard to know this.

One way you can get a feel for this is to take some form of poll from guests in advance just to get a feel for who likes what and why. If you notice a trend, then the best thing to do is deal with it on the front end, which brings us to our next point.

Add a disclaimer before guests even come to your wedding

If I were doing it I’d make it sound something like this.

“The food we’re providing at our wedding is amongst some of our personal favorites. While every step has been taken in order to ensure everyone has something to suit them, we know everyone won’t be happy. So we’re asking if in the end despite our best efforts you just don’t like any of the food offered please keep your opinion to yourself and don’t ruin it for other guests”.

Simple enough right? The point of the disclaimer is to check guests upfront. You could even through in the caveat “Food snobs won’t be tolerated”, just for safe measure.

Try to make sure there’s food there to appeal to the major diet types

We’re talking vegan diets, glutton free diets, etc. These are the main ones. Of course with this would come wanting to have organic options where possible. Just remember one thing. It’s your big day, not your guests. So while you’d want to take measures to consider them you don’t want their wants and needs to come before yours.

Picky eaters are a fact of life and they can be very vocal, but don’t allow the fear of this to cause you to go overboard on the front end.  A picky eater is going to be a picky eater no matter what, even at a wedding.  If you start worrying about every little detail of the food you’re going to have available though, then this can be very energetically draining. You want to stay away from this.